Past is Past

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Wow.. Its been so long since I last posted at this blog.. Glad that I still have some visitors left.. To those who are patiently waiting for another post, well here it is.. Though you might be disappointed again, because this post is just another boring post..

Lately, Ive been so busy with myself that I just read blogs and dont update mine.. I guess I lack the will to write again.. But just moments ago, I received an email that someone commented on my Friendster Blog.. And I was like, ftw!! I dont remember having a blog in Friendster.. I scrolled some of the early post, and I laughed reminiscing about the past.. I think I was better at english back then compared to my barok english now..


I saw this post, and Im still thinking what am I among these.. Heres something to ponder about:

Who are you among these two??

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.

A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.

A simple friend has never seen you cry.

A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A simple friend doesn’t know your parents’ first

A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to ! your

A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.

A simple friend hates it when you call after he has
gone to bed.

A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your

A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history.
A real friend could blackmail you with it.

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when
you have an argument.

A real friend calls you after you had a fight.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for

A real friend expects to always be there for you!


I also remembered that I loved making poems before.. I dont know about this one, but natawa ako nung nabasa ko sya..

Sorry… Sorry…

I’m sorry if sometimes I’m corny
I’m sorry if I’m ignorant
But I didn’t asked you to like me
If Im something you dont want

I’m sorry if sometimes I’m stupid
I’m sory if I’m a fool
Why don’t I just stop it
Acting like I’m really cool

I’m sorry if I hurt you
I’m sorry if I made you cry
I’m sorry if  didn’t have a clue
And made my biggest lie

I’m sorry for everything I did
I’m sorry for my stupid game
I’m sorry if I didn’t believe
Im sorry if I have no shame

I’m sorry for being overconfident
I’m sorry for everything I’ve missed
I’m sorry for the rules being bent
I will not do it again, I promise


It was nice that I was able to reminisce about my college life.. I laughed when I read some of the stories I told back then..  And now Im fired up.. The blog I wrote back then was just about my life in college.. So full of life, or friends, and fun.. Im not saying that I dont have that kind of life now, but, its just that I dont have any fun stuff to write..

One of my friends has this very cool looking blog, and I wish I can make my blog site look like that.. But then again, whats the point of having a cool looking blog if I dont update it..

So for now, I will not stop writing.. I will try to write something with sense next time.. and I hope that there will be someone reading it.. :D

Ja ne!!


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No matter how bright the sun is, it will never be able to shine in this darkness I’m in..
Like in a cave, or a place with high walls, I know that the sun wont win

In this world, its dark all over the place
Its not easy to get out, cause its like a giant maze

A place, for most of us may be scary, but for me, its somewhere Im happy
All alone, but never lonely.. Cause I know Im with somebody

Struggling with all my might
just to see the light

and guess what I found in the end
its someone, I call my friend

2011:A New Beginning

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Lahat


Its a line from the song Chiisa na Koi no Uta from the japanese drama Proposal Daisakusen. Its means, I cannot express it in words, so I will just hug you. Let your tears turn in to Happiness.

I was not able to update this blog for more than a month now.  I was busy with work, with Christmas, and I didnt have the will to write anymore. But I received a mail from wordpress, and it made me realize that there are people who read this blog. I may not hit 1000 viewers per day, but the stats that they gave me was still awesome, for someone who doesnt really write well. And with that, I got aware and started to write this first blog for 2011.

So what happened for the past month? First, I had the busiest month of the year. Last month, I worked for 22 days eventhough we only had 19 working days. My schedule was really hectic last month, with only 1 or 2 days for rest after working for 5 to 6 days straight. Then I am currently playing this Facebook game called Castle Age, so after work, I spend alot of time playing this game. Yeah, I know its part my fault why I didnt have enough time to rest my body. But hey, Im still in good health so no need to worry.

I was really excited for Christmas to come. I had alot of plans with my friends, which was cancelled because there was this earlier plan that got pushed through. The original plan was to go with my Saitama friends in Kinugawa. Kinugawa is a place in Nikko where the view is great and theres this place where you can experience the old Japan. Ninja stuffs, old houses, and many more. But then it was cancelled because my friend in Tokyo told me that their mini-Christmas celebration turned out to be the Company’s Christmas Celebration. So I was invited to go there, and since Im the only one from our client side that can go there, I had no choice. So after 3 days of midshift (3pm to 12mn), I exchanged my next schedule so that I can benefit more from the vacation. So thats 3 days midshift, then one morning shift (7am to 4pm). And if you work on shifts, I think you will notice that midshift then morning shift will not work well with your schedule because you will only have 7 hours to go home, to sleep, to prepare before going to work, and to go to work again. But that was the price I had to pay if I want to spend Christmas with my friends.

December 24, after the hectic work and the meeting, I went to the supermarket to buy foods for the night’s celebration. I spent Christmas Eve alone and ate these foods:

Platter Set from the Supermarket



Roast Chicken 3 pieces

Roast Chicken 3 pieces


Some Breads

Some Breads

And no, I was not able to finish it all. Honestly speaking, I wanted to buy a much bigger platter than the one I bought. Good thing I didnt buy that. I was so full that night and slept at around 12mn.

December 25, I woke up 4:30am so that I can catch the first bus going to the train station. I arrived in Tokyo around 10am, and had a party with my company colleagues until 6pm.

Company Christmas Party


There were a total of 30 Filipinos + 6 Japanese Boss + 1 Filipino Super Boss and his Family. It was a very nice, very Filipino Christmas Party. We played games like Charades and Pinoy Henyo. We ate Filipino foods prepared by the other members. Then our company gave us Buckets of Chicken from KFC and some sushi, and Cabbage rolls. In fairness, the Japanese liked the Filipino dishes.


Of course what is Christmas without exchange gifts? I received a charger for iPod Touch and a scarf from my friend, Dabbie. While I gaveaway a heater to my friend.

After the Company Christmas Party, I rushed to Tokyo station to meet with my other friends. And guess what, I got lost. Tokyo Station is so big, that when you walk around it, you can go to other stations as well. I walked and run for I think an hour and was able to meet my friends. Our plan was delayed because of me.. My bad.

So our plan for the night is to tour around Tokyo. Every year during Christmas season, places in Tokyo have this thing called Illumination where the streets are covered with Christmas Lights, and big Christmas Trees are placed in the streets.  And since Tokyo is so big, we just decided to go to 2 places that night. So from the Tokyo station, we went back to the place I came from (yeah, the place where I got lost), and walk to our first destination,  Marunouchi.

Candle something in Narunouchi

This was a long walk from the station, but it was worth it because the place is very beautiful. This is located behind the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, and if you notice, those are real candle-lit lanterns made by kids. The place also had special fountains thats why it was very cold that night.

After this, we went to an All-you-can-eat restaurant and had a great time enjoying the foods, specially the desserts.

Picture after Dinner

Actually the place was really big. We were seated in a special place for groups where there were curtains and stuffs. The foods was delicious and you will be surprised because they put new type of foods everytime. So you have to go back to the food section to find out which foods were new. Then the desserts! Weee.. I love cakes and sweet stuffs. Their chocolate cake was heavenly. I will eat again there some other time.

After dinner, we went to our last destination. This was the place I really wanted to go. I dont know why, but I got attracted to the place. Its called Ebisu, and that was the first time I went there.

The Highlight of the place

The Highlight of the place


Christmas Tree

After this, we went to our friend’s house in Kawasaki. But there was a problem because I left all my things in Tokyo Station. So we rushed back to Tokyo, I ran as fast as I can to get my things (good thing I didnt got lost), and was able to ride all the last trains going to Kawasaki.. Safe..

And the night didnt just ended there. After arriving home, we drank Chu-hi. Its like a soda mixed with alcohol. We drank until 7am and finally had our rest.

I was really happy that I got to spend Christmas with fellow Filipinos here in Japan.  Due to my clients location, I am situated away from my friends. Plus, I work in shifts so I dont have time to talk with them or to visit them.

Anyway, its already 2011.. Time for changes, time for new beginnings. I wish I can keep writing in this blog. :D

And to end this post, heres the song that I quoted above;


*Photo credits to Florante Arcilla III and Jefferson Tan

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 17 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 68 posts.

The busiest day of the year was April 26th with 70 views. The most popular post that day was Love VS Lust.

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for fattest person in the world, bitterness, world’s fattest person, tallest structures in the world, and fattest person.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Love VS Lust April 2010


World Record January 2009


Back in Japan… Bitterness and Happiness September 2010


I Choose You: Jejemon April 2010


Favorite Japanese Drama October 2008

Sa may entrance

Nung November 17, dinala kami ng Company namin sa Nikko.. Isa sa pinakamagandang lugar na pwedeng bisitahin dito sa Japan.. Bale 3 kaming pinoy na magkakasama dito, pero dahil shifting ang work namin, inde kami nagkakasama sa bakasyon namin.. Nagkikita kita nalang kami pag nasa office na, pero mga 5 to 10 minutes lang yun, minsan inde pa nakakapag usap.. Ang trabaho namin ay 24/367, araw araw may pasok, 3 shifts sa isang araw.. Ang kakaiba pa dito, every 3 days ang shift namin.. Meaning, after 3 days, minsan may 1 araw or 2 araw kami na pahinga, tapos ibang shift naman for the next 3 days.. At minsan 6 days na sunod-sunod na 2 set ng shift ang ipinapasok namin..

At dahil dyan, nagdecide ang company namin na bigyan kami ng 1 araw, na kaming 3 eh magkakasabay ng bakasyon.. Yun eh nung Nov 17, at nilibre nila kami sa lahat ng gastos papuntang Nikko..

Since ang Japan eh sikat sa mga Shrines nila, yung isa sa pinakasikat na Shrine dito sa Japan ang pinuntahan namin.. Yun ay ang Toshogu Shrine.. Sikat siya dahil dun nakalibing ang nagpasimuno ng isang era dito sa Japan.. At inde lang yan.. Sikat din siya dahil sa detalye ng mga desensyo ng Shrines.. Ma-gold, ma-dragon, at makulay ang mga shrines na andun..

Sa totoo lang, nakapunta na ako dito nung Summer.. This time, nagtanung sila sa amin kung san namin gustong pumunta.. Ang sagot nung isa, gusto niya pumasok sa Hot Spring.. Sikat din kasi ang Japan at ang Nikko sa hot spings.. Yung isa naman, gusto pumunta sa Tobu World Square.. At ako naman, gusto ko pumunta sa Edo Wonderland.. At ang joke nila, kasi kahit saan dyan eh inde namin pinuntahan.. Ahaha.. Adik lang sila noh..


This time, since Autumn na dito sa Japan, ang habol ko naman eh magphotoshoot ng Foliage.. Kaso masyado na kaming late pumunta, or masyadong maaga, inde ko lang sure ah, pero ala akong masyadong nakita na red leaves na pede pichuran..

So inshort, parang nasayang lang oras ko.. Pero ang masaya naman, eh nakapag pichur ako kahit paano.. Nung una ko kasing punta dun, ala akong camera na dala, kaya ayun, mainit na, ala pa akong magawa.. This time, malamig naman, at kahit paano, may mga pichurs..


After ng Toshogu Shrine, pumunta naman kami sa Kegon Falls.. At para makapunta kami dun, kinakailangan naming dumaan sa isa sa sikat na pasikot sikot na daan dito sa Japan, ang Irohazaka.. Kung mahilig kayo maglaro ng racing games, alam ko na feature to sa isang game as a stage weh.. May total of 48 curves ata to, uphill + downhill, at medyo maganda pang practice ng drift.. Pero bawal weh.. Pag nagkamali ka kasi, baka mahulog ka sa bundok.. Eh ang taas pa naman nun..

Kegon Falls

Pag dating dun, dumeretso na kaagad kami sa Kegon Falls, mga 5 minutes lang, nagpichur pichur lang, tapos umalis na.. Sobrang lamig kasi.. ahahaha.. Kumain kami ng ibat ibang klaseng “Yuba”, ang pinakasikat na food sa Nikko.. Sayang ala akong pic.. Anyway, nung lunch, may kasama sa set meal na normal Yuba.. Inde matapang ang lasa nito, tama lang.. Parang may sauce siya na kasama na matamis.. Sa may Kegon Falls, nagtry ako ng Yuba Fry (deep fried Yuba) at ng Yube Kuroke (Yube Croquette).. Medyo wala siyang lasa.. ahahaha.. dapat nilagyan ko ng asin..

Lake Chuzenji

At ang huling pinuntahan namin na lugar ay ang Lake Chuzenji.. Katabi lang ito ng Kegon Falls.. Inde naman masyadong malamig, at kahit paanu nagtagal kami dito.. Kaso ala naman ng magawa dito kasi pagabi na din, at alang mga tao.. Panget din ng pagpichur kasi against the sun na kami.. So ala din akong nagawa dito.. ehehe..

Nagtawanan kaming magkakasama kasi nagtataka kami panu nagkaron ng lake at ng waterfalls sa taas ng bundok.. Inde din namin maisip kung panu nangyari yun..


In the end, inde din ako masyadong nag enjoy sa trip dahil ala ng bago sa pinuntahan namin.. Pero masaya ako kasi nagkaron kami ng bonding time ng mga kasama ko dito.. Kung inde kami nilibre ng company, baka naipalo ko na sa kanila yung camera.. ahaha..

Ayan lang..  Ja ne..

My Christmas Wish #6 was granted last Sunday.. I was so happy to buy my first ever Apple Product, the new 2010 Edition of iTouch, the iPod Touch 4th Generation..

Originally, I wanted to buy an iPhone 4, but unfortunately, the requirements are not that easy to get one.. First, you need to pay for the whole handset worth around JPY 60,000.. Only one TeleCom offers the iPhone, and along with the handset comes the default monthly plan with unlimited internet packets for a minimum of JPY 8,000.. But since everyone wants an iPhone, they made a way so that no one can just get the handset and quit the payment for the bills.. Depending on the store, you need to pay an assurance/insurance to them a maximum worth JPY 100,000.. Though the money will be refunded after 2 years.. So adding all of it, for the first payment, I need JPY 160,000 (around Php 80,000)..

Anyway, just cancel out the call and text features of the iPhone, you will get the iPod Touch.. So what made me finally decide to buy an Apple product is music.. Lately, Im hearing new songs from Anime, Youtube, and suggestions from my friends, that I want to listen to when Im not at home.. BTW, I just use a bicycle to go to the office, the gym, and the grocery store.. So during my commute, I can listen to music while driving..Which will make my commute more fun.. Singing while driving aint a crime..

So what am I doing with my new gadget?? Well, since its my first time to have this, I asked alot of my friends what application should I install.. They gave me alot of list, but here are the ones that I already installed..


Networking Related:

1. Face Book

Of course, one of the most popular networking sites nowadays is Face Book.. It lets me update my status, see my friends updates, upload pics straight from the gadget (or even take one then upload directly), read messages and more..  Everything that you usually do (except gaming) on Face book using your pc, can be done using this application.. So what is the use of this if I already have a pc on my home? Well, when Im cooking, or in the bathroom, or just laying down to rest, or watching anime, I can easily know if someone did something on my wall.. There is a sound when you get a notification from FB, so I will easily know it.. And of course, I like it when under the post you see the lines “Posted using iPhone” or something like that.. ehehe

2. Skype, YM, MSN

Well, theres one app that combined all of these in one, but I still prefer them having on different apps.. Dont know why.. I still havent used this yet, because Im online on my pc.. And I can only use the wi-fi when Im at home.. This will be of great use when I go to a mall, or eat at a restaurant, or hang out at Starbucks or any other coffee shops.. Until then, I cannot write my comment about this apps..

3. WordPress

Well, I dont consider this a networking app, its just that I dont know where this belong.. I group all my apps depending on their type, and I just put this on the Networking Folder.. Anyway, I still havent used this app yet, I will try this when Im not at home, and check if I can compose offline.. If I can do that, well, it will be a big help so that when Im bored at the office, or anywhere, I can write if something comes on my mind..

Add: Oh yeah, I checked it and I can compose new post even offline.. Sad to say, I cannot edit the post in the Drafts even online..


Games and Entertainment:

Well, there are alot of free games out there, and I searched for the top free games available.. Well, some of the apps I installed where suggested by my friends..

1. Angry Birds

One of my friends suggested this app.. At first, I dont know the concept of this game.. I mean, nothing comes to my mind when I read the name Angry Birds.. But still, I installed it and tried it.. Well, I can say that I am enjoying this game. First is that, this game resembles an online game that I got addicted when I was in high school, and is (or was) called Gunbound..  Theres a video on youtube about this game..

wow, its the first time i saw this video.. and i got some tips on the game already.. Im stuck on level 6, and can kill the big green pig.. later ill try the tips i saw.. hehe

2. Sextuple Lite

Sextuple Lite

No, this is not a game regarding sex or anything.. This is a game similar to Text Twist.. I really searched for a game like this so that I wont forget my english and of course learn new words.. Infairness, before the time ends, I just put in words even if I know they are not words.. ahahah.. This is a good game if you are bored and is sitting down somewhere.. Like waiting for someone in a coffee shop, or you are in a bus (delikado nga lang pag sa pinas), or you are on a break, this is a fun game that will not just only test your mind, but also will let you enjoy it..

3. Rocket Sheep Rampage Lite

Rocket Sheep Rampage Lite

Well, this game reminded me of another game I used to play before, but I forgot the title.. This game is about a sheep, abducted by an alien, and was connected to a rocket.. The rocket is launched in a road, and you must evade the cars and bombs (dropped by an aircraft) until you finish it.. As you dodge the vehicles on the road, the rocket goes faster and faster until you hit the maximum speed.. And when you are on the maximum speed, you can just bump all the vehicles on the road which will give you extra points.. But unfortunately, since this is a free game, there is only one level (i think).. Still, this is a good game to practice your tapping skills and your agility..

4. IQ Test

IQ Test

Honestly speaking, I tried this only once and quit before finishing one level.. Its so hard to answer questions when you are not in the mood.. ehehe.. Or it just seems that theres already rust in my brain cause I cant answer questions fast enough.. ahaha..

It has alot of types, ranging from arithmetic, to logic, to shapes.. I tried the numbers, I thought it will just be simple mathematics, but no, I have to count triangles and squares etc.. This is a good game for students or accountants.. Or for anyone  who wants to measure their IQ..

5. Hangman Free

Hangman Free

Another old game.. And Word Game.. I dont know why, but I like these kind of games.. Guessing titles etc..



Well, there are applications that you can use for your personal life.. I tried installing it, and up until now, I find it very useful..

1. Spending Lite

Spending Lite

Spending Lite

For those who always spend money and wants to keep track how many money they have left, and how much they spent on something, this is a good application for you.. This is the free version of the app, where you can input your salary (or any money you receive), and just save all your expenses even off line.. Meaning, when you are in a grocery store, or in a convenience store, you can easily type in the amount that you spent.. The amount will then be saved in your DB, and will be automatically deducted to your current money.. You can also see how much you spend every month, and compare how much money goes to your food, transportation, etc..

Honestly, I have my own software (I created one), with the same functions and more.. With my own software, I can easily see how much money I have on my wallet, and on my bank account.. And all of the remaining money in my bank or in my wallet will automatically be my initial money for the next month.. I was looking for the same app on iTunes, but I found none.. But anyway, this will do since Im always on the go and I can easily add new expenses using this one..



1. Kotoba



This is a Japanese Dictionary that can convert words into English, French, German and Spanish.. I find this very useful and very outstanding because of its interface.. I though its just an ordinary Japanese Dictionary, but no, you can do more.. Like, there are vocabulary list that you can review if you want to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Levels 1 to 4.. All of the kanji per level is listed, and you can see all of the words conjugated to that kanji.. Very very very useful for me and for those who wants to learn Japanese.. Also, you can search for Kanjis using this app, where you can input the radicals and automatically gives you a list of kanjis with those radical..

This is also one of the reasons why I bought an iPod touch.. Compared to an Electric Dictionary which costs around JPY 10k to 20k, all I can do is to translate words on it.. But using an iPod, I can watch videos, listen to music, and more, with almost the same price as an Electric Dictionary..

2. Flashilight



This maybe useful when you are in the cinema, or dropped something in the car at night, or anywhere dark.. But here in Japan, since its rare to have a brownout, and there are lights everywhere, I may not be able to use this app.. But hey, it may come handy someday.. BTW, this app lets you power up the screen and make your iPod flash light.. (ahaha, word pun).. But of course, using this app will rapidly decrease your battery..


So this is it.. These are all of the apps currently installed in my iPod Touch.. There are still plenty more listed down on my download list, and Im planning to test them one by one soon enough.. If you have any suggestions, you can comment it in here.. Thanks!

Ja ne..

Note: Click the pictures so that you can be directed to the iTunes Page

Try answering these questions:

1.Does Jennifer Love Hewitt?

2.Where did Vincent van Gogh? Did Rachelle Ann Go with him?

3.Why is Norman Black and Redford White? Well then, is Chris Brown?

4.Where did Sandara Park?

5.Is Chow Yun Fat?

6.What did Henry Sy?

7.Did Jordan Sparks?

8.When will Orlando Bloom?

9.What is Victoria’s Secret?

10.What does David Cook?

11. Is Marvin Gaye?

uhhmm, I really don’t know the answers and I’m sure Wilma Doesn’t,either.