Funny Japanese Words

Posted: December 6, 2008 in Bloopers, Japan, Random Thoughts

We dont regret the things we Did.. We regret those we didnt….

Well, as a Filipino, it will be easy for us to learn and study Nihongo because of so many reasons.. One, the alphabet they have is like tagalog, example, a e i o u, ka ke ki ko ku, sa shi su se so, ta ti tu te to, etc, etc.. Some of the construction of sentences are also the same.. Like Maganda na Babae, Kirei na Josei.. And as you guessed, Maganda = Kirei and Babae = Josei.. And the funny thing is the “na” which is also used here in Japan… It is much easier to translate Tagalog to Nihongo compared to English to Nihongo.. Because as I said, we have almost-identical sentence conctructions.. Then being a Filipino, I find some of the Japanese words very amusing.. Amusing in a way that if they say those words in the Philippines, people will look at them of laugh at them.. Here are sample of those words that must not be said in the Philippines:

yes with an exclamation point.. In tagalog, it means “Kepyas”.. But in Japanese, it means, Listen! in an imperative way..

~Kiki ni ~
Well, if I translate this in tagalog, it means “Ang kepyas ni ~”.. But in Japanese, the speaker’s purpose is to listen, whatever he will do (with regards to going or coming).. For example listen to concerts, or singing contests… Something like that..

In tagalog, Yas-kep.. Well, ang ibig sabihin nyan sa Japanese ay Ticket.. ehehe.. Bus ticket, or movie ticket..

In the Philippines, this is said when you want to act childish and show that something bad happened.. like a crying baby .. But in here, that is said when you are amazed with something.. So in Japanese, waa is equivalent to Wow.. ehehe.. Since they dont have a single ‘w’ letter in their alphabet, they cannot create the word Wow.. maybe Wawa.. ehehe.. but its different..

in tagalog, Bitch!!… But no, that is a word to describe the covers of the bottles, or any covers.. Much like a lid..

~Beki ka?
in tagalog, Bakla ka? ehehe.. And in here, it is like, should it be ~?


Hiyas.. hehe,.. Saktong sakto naman tong word na to.. Pero dito, ang meaning nyan ay skirt, or trousers.. ehehe..

Hehe, sa atin guard ang ibig sabihin nito, pero dito, ito ay Oil..

Senpuki (c/o Glad and Kuya Pot)
Uu nga, salamat kala glad at kay Kuya Pot, nailagay ko to.. Ang senpuki ay electric fan dito sa Japan.. Using it in a sentence, “Mahilig ka ba sa malaking Senpuki?” or “Inde ako mahilig sa Senpuki.. Mas gusto ko ang Aircon… Hehe..”

Baka (c/o Kuya Pot)
Ang Baka sa pinas ay isang uri ng hayop na kinakain.. Masarap itong gawing ulam lalo na kapag ito ay isinama sa Nilaga.. Pero dito, pag nasabihan ka ng baka, inde ibig sabihin eh masarap kang kainin or something, pero ikaw ay stupid.. hehe.. Yes, ang Baka dito means stupid.. hehe… Kaya wak kang matuwa pag nisabihan ka ng Baka dito…

As of now, yan yung mga napansin ko na nakakatuwang Japanese words.. Kung may alam kayu, sabihin niyo sakin.. ehehe…

    • bernard says:

      ang para sakin lang naman ay ung sports na ang ibig sabihin sa japanese language ay supotsu,pati na po ung big na sa japanese ay ookii na ang bigkas ay owkee para sa dialect namen ang ibig sabihin nian ay ari ng babae

  1. potsquared says:

    xave.. yung senpuki… yung salitang baka… hihihi..

    Virex said: ahaha.. nidagdag ko na po.. thanks pow.. ehehe

  2. hottietin says:

    ahahahaha! ayoss to. yung ibang words sa gay lingo, galing naman sa japanese.

    Virex said: uu, tulad ng atashi… ehehe.. ginagamit nila yun.. ehehe

  3. lenz lenz says:

    kakatawa! haha, sbhn ko toh pag magchachat kmi xD

  4. yhuri says:

    hay poh..grave nmn yann..funny talga..huhuhuhuhuT_T

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